Available Now

April-May 2018 Availability

  • Spinach, Spinach and more Spinach! We have green and red kitten spinach right now as well as a spinach/kale mix.
  • We have a lot planted but the cold spring weather has delayed our expected crops. Here’s an estimate of what we hope to have in May:
    • Radishes (early May)
    • Arugula (early May)
    • Hakurei Turnips (mid to late May)
    • Lettuce (both mixes and heads)
    • Snap peas (end of May)
    • Kale
    • Spinach
    • Micro Greens (mid May)
    • Pea Shoots (early May)
    • Sunflower Shoots (early May)

Germantown Farmer’s market starts in just a couple of weeks!